Monday, August 15, 2011

A tribute...

Since Pete's death, I have seen a whole different side of people.  Kindness, compassion, love, sympathy, grief, generosity.  Everyday it seems that someone new is reaching out to me and Stella, and everyday I continute to be amazed. 

Last Friday was the MCR and Blink show that Pete and I have had tickets to since May.  We are HUGE fans.  I remember when Pete won tickets from DC101 to go see Blink at the 930 club! I think I was still in high school. Man did we have an awesome time! But after Pete's accident I decided I wasn't going to the show. I figured I'd give the tickets away or maybe try to sell them.  Either way, I wanted no part in going to that show. Not without Pete.  About two weeks before the show, Shaun (one of Pete's best friends) asked if he could take Pete's ticket and go with me. I told him he could just have both tickets. But he was persistent, "You'll have a good time. You need to go." I didn't want to go. No way was I going with all our best friends who just happen to be couples.  Then Nikki and Erin started dropping hints, "Are you going? Well heres a list of reasons why you should go..." They didn't want to force it, but they thought it was in my best interest to go and try to have some fun.  Afterall, Blink 182 is my favorite band of all time!

After lots of discussions with my mom (who also wanted me to go) and my friends, and an awesome pros and cons presentation by Erin (lol), I decided to go.  Immediately after I made my decision, Nikki, Erin and lots of our facebook friends began writing to the band asking them to dedicate a song to Pete.  They were pretty persistent, giving them the story of Pete's accident, telling them they were his favorite band.  I honestly didn't think anything would come of it. Afterall, they're this insanely busy and popular band.  Did they really read their FB posts? Probably not. I'm sure they have people that do that kind of thing for them!

On Friday, just as we were about to leave for the show I got a call from Nikki and Erin on 3 way. "Have you been on facebook? No? Well, Mark Hoppus just dedicated the whole show tonight to Pete!" WHAT THE HECK!! Sure enough, he announced it on FB....."Tonight's show is dedicated to Pete. Wish you could be here. Your wife, daughter, family, and friends are thinking of you." That's the exact line from Mark's page. So amazing. Still makes me cry. Pete, you lucky dude! Only you!!

That night at the show, there was a shooting star right before they played, and one lone star in the sky the whole night.  Gives me goosebumps just thinking of it!  We all saw that lone little star, and knew who it was.  It was my Pete.  The guy who keeps coming back to let me know he's ok, to let me know I'm going to be ok. To thank my amazing family and friends for their support of me and my grief. 

Like I said, people amaze me. The ones that are here on earth, and those watching over us in Heaven.

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  1. It's horrible knowing that as equally horrible events must occur in order to see the amazing-ness people are capable of ... I don't know if always people who experience heartbreak or tragedy are treated this way - but -what I do know, is that people who "deserve" so, ... are. It will be one surprise after surprise for you, Catie. And, you deserve them all!