Thursday, July 28, 2011

11 weeks

Stella is 11 weeks old today. 
11 weeks ago at this very minute, Pete and I were about to welcome her into the world.  We were so happy.  We were so in love.  We were so excited about our future as a family.
Did I think that it would all be cut short in 9 1/2 weeks? Hell no. Never crossed my mind. Sure, I knew that things could happen having lost 2 dads. But not Pete, not MY Pete. He was invincible. Strong. Healthy. Safe. We were on top of the world.
Fast forward 11 weeks from that blissfully happy day. I'm sitting here numb, sick with grief. Heartbroken. Shattered. Stunned. How the hell could this have happened? It's not supposed to be like this. Not Pete. Not Caitie and Pete. Not to sweet Stella. She needs her Daddy. I need her Daddy.
Where is the fairness? How do some people seem to walk through life without seeming to suffer any grief, while others have so much devastation????
11 weeks ago, this is the LAST thing I would have expected to be going through.

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